The Story of Golf Courses In Koolau, USA Until Now Becomes A Golf Course

During the pandemic that hit the USA, many places started to collapse. One of them is the golf course in Koolau, USA, which must be affected. This is due to the difficulty of getting visitors during the pandemic. This naturally happens because there is nothing to be paid to the Church. Please note that the golf course is not privately owned, but only rented. How? Curious about the story?
The pandemic forced the eli golf course in Koolau to be permanently closed. This is because the owner of this elite golf course decided to terminate the lease before maturity. It turned out that after further investigation, the golf course voters seemed to have difficulty when asked to pay money to the church owner. It was with this difficulty that it was finally decided that the golf course would not reopen.

Please note that a golf instructor named Ralbovsky used to operate a golf academy. The golf academy is called KMR School Of Golf which has been in Koolau, USA since 2003. This presence can also improve course management last October. And since then, the field has been used by students who attend the KMR School Of Golf. There are nine front holes and the driving range is still maintained in that place. While on the side there is a golf yoga class Ralbovsky. Even the golf instructor was happy to welcome anyone who came to the course for free. Usually among them prefer to enroll in learning various golf lessons.

The price also varies, there are 10 sessions around $1500 for 1 hour while there are also $5000 for 50 sessions. If you want a cheaper price, you can try a yoga golf class for around $50 while a golf workshop costs $175. “I decided this was a unique opportunity, and it might not last forever, so I’m going to give it a go. And really giving back to my golfers and my students by giving them free golf,” Ralbovsky said. “A place where they can train on the pitch. It’s a unique situation, I don’t think it exists anywhere else.” he said. While giving lessons there, about 150 students are active in learning golf. Before the pandemic came, the number had increased by about 2 times from before. This is because the school is experiencing a strong trend of golf activities. Even last spring, Ralbovsky gave discounted lesson packages for post-closing. Golf is a sport for the upper class, this game requires golf equipment that is quite expensive, just like when you try to play at an casino online that requires a lot of money to try various variations of the game.

Ralbovsky thought that there were only about 25 people who signed up, but this was unexpected, even more than 100 people signed up. In the morning, it can be estimated that around 20 people are already playing on the field. There were even some golfers playing for 18 holes while the other 20 were just there for practice. Don’t get me wrong, even though it is played by many people, this golf course is still maintained. For example, cutting fairways, tee boxes to greens in green locations. Ralbovsky is not the only one who works but is assisted by 3 other part-time workers. To secure the equipment, the owner has made a sizeable investment. It can be estimated around $15,000 to $20,000 in capital.