Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Golf Courses In Koolau, USA Permanently Closed September 30


The pandemic has made many places decide to completely shut down various activities. This is the same as what golf course owners in Koolau do. Visitors inevitably have to give up that the gold field in the United States will be permanently closed. This is because the Covid-19 outbreak has not subsided until now. Even now, there is no information regarding the opening of the golf course. Of course the presence of this field is always awaited by golf lovers. Since hearing that the Covid-19 outbreak is getting worse, the golf course in Koolau will be closed soon. That’s because of the terrible plague that began to descend in Hawaii. Even with this outbreak, the field owner has decided to end the lease early.

Golf Courses In Koolau

In fact, please note that this koolau golf club has around 18 golf courses. They originally rented this place around 240 hectares of land. This land they got from the First Pressbyterian Church Of Honolulu. “Current economic conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic have made operators a gold field. We cannot continue at Koolau Golf Course,” Pastor and Chun, senior pastor of the First Presbyterian Church, said in a statement. “Although we are disappointed that the gold field will be closed, we are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for the next property,” Pastor and Chun added. Not only that, Alan Tang as the spokesman for the church also voiced his voice in the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

“It has been very difficult on many gold courses, and the Koolau Golf Course is no exception,” he added. “It’s really hard for operators to make money when they can’t get enough golfers on the course.” Church spokesman Tang began saying there was no certainty about businesses that would go bankrupt due to the COVID-19 outbreak. However, there has been no direct comment on this from the Koolau Golf Club. “At some point, the golf course opened…I tried to get tee time elsewhere, and it wasn’t easy. Because they have to spread people and all that,” he said. Not only as a place to play golf, this field is also used to hold places on various sides.

Starting from often doing social activities, doing activities together to sharing a cart when they go around to play golf. But at Oahu’s golf course there has been a significant increase in attendance.
Not only that but there were so many different rounds that were played on the gold field in June last year. Although many businesses are starting to crumble but this should not hinder the steps to keep playing golf. Right in April, the golf course began to close and will be allowed to return in May. Based on orders from the Mayor named Kirk Cardwell said that homeowners can leave the house for important things only. While the last order said that Caldwell requested that the golf course operate according to his guidelines. This should be in accordance with the guidelines set by the Professional Golfers Association. Finally Tang said that he didn’t know what to do with this vast land. But the Presbyterian Church will seek to retain Pono Pacific Land Management LLC to use the land transition.