3 Differences Between Tour Guide and Tour Leader

3 Differences Between Tour Guide and Tour Leader – We often hear about Tour Guides and Tour Leaders since we carry out tourist activities to various places. You could say that both of them are complete packages handed down by the Tour and Travel. However, they have different sides in carrying out their duties on the field.

Therefore, this latest post is intentionally here to provide a deep understanding of the difference between a Tour Guide and a Tour Leader. And to find out the review, let’s continue on the discussion below.

1. Responsibilities
In terms of responsibilities, the Tour Leader may have a very high role than the Tour Guide. Because the Tour Leader is responsible for providing the best service while traveling for all visitors. In addition, the tasks carried out are quite complicated because they have to master all the arranged agendas so that they are not too crowded during activities. Moreover, another task that needs to be done is to control the number of passengers when they arrive at the location to the way home to ensure that no one is left behind in the group.

While the responsibility of a Tour Guide is not so great. He is required to have an official license as the best and most trusted tour guide. In addition, this role must also provide detailed information about the world of tourism which will later be explained during the trip to the way home. You could say that the task seems easy because it is enough to have a lot of knowledge and experience in the field.

2. Travel Agenda
koolaugolfclub – In the travel agenda, the role of a Tour Leader also affects the selling value of the company. The task must really be able to arrange the travel schedule to the duration of the trip so as not to be delayed or out of the specified time limit. Maturity is needed in understanding the time interval between the first, second and so on locations. Because if not, the comfort of traveling will never run smoothly.

While the task of the Tour Guide is only to accompany guests while providing important explanations about the specified place. If at the location, visitors prefer to split up in groups, then the Tour Guide is not responsible for this. Because so far, many travelers often leave the group to get new beauty. However, it is too risky for him when other travel agendas have been scheduled.

3 Differences Between Tour Guide and Tour Leader

3. Indigenous and Cultural Knowledge
The role of the Tour Leader in this case does not explain much to the guests. However, they just need to give a little explanation about the locations to be visited based on a schedule that has been neatly arranged beforehand. At least they want to give mixed reviews, that’s also not a problem. Because the Tour Leader’s job is only to describe that the destination only needs to be visited in a few minutes.

And the role of the Tour Guide in this is not to be missed. They are required to master all customs and culture of the places to be visited. In this case, they need to provide meaningful explanations so that guests gain new insights while enjoying the beauty of traveling.

If it is concluded, actually the Tour Guide and Tour Leader have the same task in providing satisfaction to all guests. More specifically, the Tour Leader has the responsibility to control and lead the group. While the Tour Guide is only tasked with providing a detailed explanation of the specified destination.